Monday, 25 April 2011

A Sock Yarn Blanket Catch Up!

My sock blanket project began a few weeks ago with a trip to a friends house who convinced me to have a go at knitting. I'd been inspired to try by a friend and my mam had taught me in the past so I thought I'd give it a go. Armed with the instructions, a few mini balls of sock yarn and two dpns I had a little go and made:

My very first square! As you see there are mistakes and the "ridge" is on both sides but I didn't care, I had begun! Few days later I had achieved:

This!! A mini blanket! My squares were defo getting better and I had just learnt how to knit straight onto the blanket instead of sewing the squares in. As I had only been given a few small balls of yarn I was running out of variety but luckily one or two had long colour repeats and so I could get away with a few extra squares from the same yarns that looked different.

Then something awful happened - I started looking into buying my own sock yarn - DISASTER!! I'm now officially hated by my bank account! While waiting for my new purchases to arrive I started reading up a bit more on this blanket and realised I'd gone about it the wrong way, I should have started with the bottom of it and worked up and so I decided to add a chain out to the left to make the foundation of it:

I pretty much paused with the blanket while I made a kindle cover for myself (excuse the safety pin holding up my dropped stitch):

But then dearest Oliver decided that he loved the kindle and stole it from me! Instead of buying him his own for his upcoming birthday I decided that he could have mine until we go on holiday sometime and that I'd make him his own manly Kindle cover. Here it is nearly finished:

As soon as I finish it (4 triangles, weave in the ends inside, sew zip on) then it will be full steam ahead on my blanket. I have done a few bits such as bulk out the right hand side and added a few lighter colours in, this is how it looks at the moment:

Dumb taking a pic on a dark background but I swore I'd blog before bed and it's nearly half midnight :s!!!

Anyway, here's the 17mini skeins I've siphoned off for Sara dearest:

Top down:
2x KG
6x colinette jitterbug
1x drachenwolle
Rest are randoms from bigger balls from eBay/forum!

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