Saturday, 30 July 2011

Big news for the Roberts household!

We got two new additions to our family on Wednesday - 19 week old kitties. Rufus, our 3.5yr old boycat is lonely since we lost our Alfie a few months back (they were brothers) and these two little kitties were advertised on the cats protection facebook site because they kept getting overlooked for a few reasons

* They are very very very shy, not "friendly" kittens as you'd expect. To me this means they just need lots of love and time to adjust.

* They are black/white/slight tabby which is not what the general population look o for in a cat apparently. The white/tortoiseshell/tabbies are the popular colours so the "boring" ones get left

* They are the "ugly" type of cat: huge ears (disproportional), really long and lean, freakishly long tails. My Alfie and Rufus were exactly the same and I LOVE this type of cat! They both grew into their ears and them being long and lean makes them look athletic :) When I see other cats now I can't get over how stubby their tails are :)

I personally think they are adorable!

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