Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cat watch!

On Facebook over the last few days I have been posting a series of "catwatch" updates. I'm going to post them here to remember them:

big thanks to my mam for collecting my new babies. Vince and Eric are the most petrified, shy cats I've ever met. They're currently getting used to their new home and snuggled up with lots of toys, food and comfy beds in our little bedroom. This is going to be a big project, gunna need a lot of love xxx
Wednesday at 17:08

Cat watch: Just been in to spend some time with the babies. First of all they weren't too happy, but with some persuasion they did have a cwtch. Vince "killed" a feather on a string and Eric seems to be a fan of bells in wire balls. Rufus, shockingly, hasn't moved since the last update
Wednesday at 20:47

Cat watch: Rufus woke us up at 6am by jumping through the window for cuddles. Went in to feed and water the kittens, the lamp was off the side, some books off the bookshelves, both cwtching in their bed. Wee in the litter tray - success!!
Came home form work, there's a poo in the litter tray! Good boys :D What a life eh? Getting excited over kitten poo. Stench did nothing for my headache :O
Thursday at 11:29

Cat watch: Dinner time at Chez robs. Vince very eager and eating it faster than oli can get it in the bowl. Eric, little shocker, purred SO loudly for the first time he had wet food, growled at his brother so much we had to give them a bowl each! Little legend, made us both laugh a lot. Both still nervous, Vince will approach us now if we're sat still xx
Thursday at 21:41

Cat watch: Kittens met their big brother through the bedroom window last night, none of them seemed bothered. Eric REALLY likes his food (takes after his dad) cant't quite believe how loudly he purrs, Vince is an explorer in the making. GIve them a few more days and maybe let them scope out the lounge x
Friday at 11:23

Cat watch: happy boys this evening. Rufus been doing some sitting, some purring, some cwtching with his dad. Babies been doing some purring and eating! Gave them one of Rufus' old cat beds to get used to his scent and they both been asleep in it! Brilliant!
Saturday at 00.00

Cat watch: Rufus was sat one side of the door, kittens on the other. I picked Rufus up and opened the door, he had a look then I put him out. Opened the lounge door and ERIC came out to investigate first which shocked us. They are both having a little explore :)
Saturday at 10.20

Leah Roberts ‎= wife, catmother, photographer, scientist, bird catcher extraordinaire! Rufus brought Oli a nice live gift to show that he's worth more than the kittens. Thanks Rufus, thankfully it was uninjured and after I caught it he happily flew away x
Saturday at 18.27

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