Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Learning how to hook

When I picked up knitting I honestly thought that picking up crochet was going to be a walk in the park. I was so wrong!

Firstly I made a rookie mistake. I'm cringing as I write this :/

I ordered a crochet kit of eBay *ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes*. It included 2x100g crappy dk yarn (mostly acrylic I'm guessing, it had no label) in boring colours - a pukey green and a dull blue. It also came with a size 4 hook and a cd with some "how to" videos. It was £15!!!! How dull am I! Well, Christmas evening came and we all had full tummies and sat down in front of the tv watching old films - perfect crochet times! It was horrendous!! It really didn't help that we were at my in laws and so my mam was 100miles away for troubleshooting issues.

Firstly, I tried a chain. I couldn't get to grips with how to hold the hook or the yarn, had no clue which side was the working side and the tension was just horrible. I gave up after about 10mins

My mam told me to persevere and my ravelry browsing encouraged me lots. I was going to try again!! One evening a quick pop into hobbycraft led me to the yarn section where I found a gorgeous turquoise (totally "me") and I dug out my size 4 hook. I sat in front of my laptop and watched a ton of YouTube videos on how to hold the work and hook, how tension works and lots of different videos showing how the chain is built and how it becomes the foundation of any piece of crochet.

With my mam supervising (I'm 26 in a few weeks, not 13!!) I managed a good chain and then I moved on to basic stitches

- slip stitches
- double crochet
- treble crochet

I wanted to learn the treble crochet because I've been drooling over the attic 24 neat ripple for some time and wanted to try!

Wanting to try and actually doing something are two very different things. I followed the pattern exactly and ended up with:

Now, I was encouraged by those who said that you needed to do a few rows to get the ripple going but this looked more like a dead snake to be honest.

Change of plan, I practises my chain and treble stitches and decided to try a chevron which is rippley but the "mountains" and "valleys" (increases and decreases!) were a lot easier to understand. The mothership told me that after a few rows of the chevron I'd gain confidence and should try the ripple again.

Hmmm, wasn't convinced! Anyway, I tried and ended up with:

It sort of worked!! Looking back now I see the mistakes, but it was working!!!

Will update this when I've done a little more, and *gulp* attempted the ripple!

As a side note, one lunch time I googled the instructions for granny squares. I got the centre sorted :)

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